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    [saw last night’s show. still processing on some things but i’ve cemented thoughts about alana. ]

    [to be terribly honest, i step away with the fascination between the relationship between hannibal lecter and chilton - it’s a pity that dr. lecter might kill the main because the utter seething and loathing between the two from red dragon to whatever happens in s5 would be stunning. however dr. chilton of the show has become more of a creature than the dr. chilton of the book.]

    [and that is what’s troubling me. alana should have captured my attention in this episode, when i watched this again with the intent on alana i feel nothing had been added to her as a character - just only things that will be taken away. i watched the episode again this morning to see what could be gleamed from alana. when she spoke about therapy, i was hoping we would hear she too was seeing a doctor like jack. of course we wouldn’t see it - despite all the pictures and words spoken  Hannibal is still very much a man’s show about will, hannibal, and jack and alana is on the edge of the action and emotional crisis both in S1 and S2.]

    [but nothing was said about seeing a therapist. nothing was said about seeing another doctor in her time of emotional trauma. even if she’s remarkably more sheltered than the other characters, what she is going through would bring heart break to many of us.]

    [but the show gave us nothing beyond ‘walking away’ that comes about with sleeping with a man. she walks from one man to another, a transfer that doesn’t make herself independent. for a show that’s tried to pretend that alana as a main character, there’s so little to chew with her beyond jack’s annoyance, will’s former champion, and now hannibal’s ‘guardian’ and lover that … it disturbs me. i was so hoping for something more than using sex as therapy,like she refused to do in s1. It might feel false to shove more of her background in one episode beyond her existence within the trio of men (which they did successfully with beverly and abigail) but it would feel like it’s making an effort that the show wants to use her meaningfully beyond victim and love interest after S2.]

    [even the moment where she stands in hannibal’s shirt with her challenging look to jack that she slept with hannibal becomes moot and ironic. between knowing she was drugged and being used and knowing how wrong she will be — this scene of a independent woman is troubling and heart-breaking. she’s not nearly independent as she seems. everything on making her ‘strong’ will come crashing down.]

    [as it stands… i am not sure how alana will survive as a viable character in s3. she’s removed herself from will’s life. she is being used by hannibal. she will only interact with jack in regards to will and hannibal.]

    [as such i’ve come to the conclusion on hanniboom, it mirrors what the show tells us. hannibal uses alana as a tool and whatever he does with her- it’s all about will. and that makes me a tiny bit sad as a feminist. i would rather not play that. i am still, however, perfectly willing to do onesided s1 hannibloom. when alana still had her agency and independence.]

    tldr??? here is my take on how writiers managed hannibloom ]


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